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Discover the finest mead for sale in the UK.

Mead, the oldest alcoholic drink to man, respected and re-invented. Our range includes Sparkling, Spirit and Beer, discover the amazing varieties on offer.


Mead varieties include Wildflower, Rosé and Heather. For the curious, discover how we produce at our facility in Haltwhistle, Northumberland, using our own pure honey. Explore how we produce from bees to the bottle on our dedicated page.

Our flagship mead is our traditional method sparkling.  Seriously top class, with a production time of 2-3 years, taking on awards from across the world.

New in 2023

Introduced in 2023, our ‘Spirit of Honey’ is currently the only commercially available distilled mead in the UK. Crafted from our Heather variety, this one is not to be missed.


Awards have been received from:

Mazer Cup International and European Cup.

Heather and Rosé took a Gold and Silver respectively at the MCI and Wildflower a Gold at the EMMA Cup.


Bottles are sent in compostable packaging, plastic free moulded pulp. In addition we also use eco glass, recycled and lighter in weight than other glass, further reducing transport emissions. Re-affirming our commitment to the environment and the place of mead as one of the most sustainable alcoholic drinks.

Multi-Buy Discounts across the range.