Heather Sparkling Mead | 6 Bottle Case

Case of Heather Sparkling Mead – 6 x 75cl Bottles

The essence of a Heather moor in a bottle. Heather Sparkling Mead reflects the pinnacle of the beekeeping season, the annual migration to the Heather Moors. The resulting Sparkling Mead is not only the longest to produce but carries the deepest flavour profile of any of the Sparkling Meads.

Honey: Heather Honey gathered by the bees of Northumberland Honey Co on the Northumberland Heather moors in the 2017 season.

Dryness: Brut with 10g/l residual sugars. However due to the power of Heather honey this comes across very well and gives the perception of sweetness and is the sweetest offering in the range.



Case of Heather Sparkling Mead | 6 x 75cl Bottles

Save on the price of individual bottles, and buy Heather Sparkling Mead by the case.

Heather Honey used to create this mead, is hard won, gathered during the bees annual migration to the Heather moors in August. The production of Heather honey is very much dependent on the weather and conditions of the season, therefore in some years there may be very little honey produced indeed.

Tasting Notes

Heather honey mead is one of the most sought after meads. After all heather honey is the most popular and powerful honey you can make a mead from. That said, the taste is very much heather scented, a powerful moorland aroma on the nose, reminiscent of a day spent on the Northumberland Heather Moors. The initial taste is a dry floral flavour, followed by a lasting honey finish. A most complex and beautiful flavour.

Food Pairing

With the complex and deep honey finish a wealth of opportunity for food pairing is given, from it’s natural bed partner of game through to rich cheeses. Heather has alot to contribute to a range of dishes.
If you’re unfamiliar with mead you can find out more about the mead making process and history of mead here

Drink different, drink better, heather sparkling mead is a great sustainable alternative to the usual sparkling wine.


What the experts say

Oz Clarke- ‘Wow – the wildflower and the heather mead are simply wonderful. The essence of Northumberland honey and bubbles. Magic.’


ABV 12% 75cl Contains Sulphites

Serve: Chilled


Additional information

Weight 11.4 kg
Dimensions 26 × 28 × 38 cm


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