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Born out of a love of Champagne and Passion for Beekeeping

Northumberland Honey Company Team

Northumberland Honey Co Team

Suzie, Anna, Luke and Lauren make up the team behind Northumberland Honey Co. Established by Suzie and Luke with an aim to keep bees sustainably, encourage the younger generation into beekeeping through the Bee Farmers Apprenticeship Scheme, safeguarding the future of the beekeeping industry.

Northumberland Honey

Northumberland Honey | Honey in Jars | Northumberland Honey Company

Pure Northumberland Honey

Honey is produced by our 200 strong honey bee colonies in the heart of Hadrians Wall Country across Northumberland and into Cumbria.

The honey range includes both comb honey and honey in jars. From Soft Set Wildflower, Heather, Added Pollen, Summer Runny Honey and Cumbrian Wildflower Honey.

Sparkling Mead

Northumberland Honey Sparkling Mead

The Bee Equivalent of Champange

Sparkling Mead is the bee equivalent of Champagne and Sparkling Wine. Produced using our finest Northumberland Honey and spring water rather than using grapes. Traditional method Sparkling Mead is produced along similar principles to Champagne, taking over 2 years to create a bottle. Each Sparkling Mead is an expression of the different honey the bees produce. Being a working meadery, Northumberland Honey Co undertake all production in Haltwhistle and are the first meadery in the UK to produce a traditional method Sparkling Mead. Sparkling Mead has the potential to be one of the most sustainable alcohols out there. Since starting production in 2016, we have increased bee numbers by around 3,000 with every bottle consumed! Now that's something to raise a glass to!

Bees & Queens

Bees and Queens For Sale by Northumberland Honey Co

Bee Breeding

Since 2015 we have been breeding queens and bees in our isolated Northumberland setting. Focusing on two lines of bee. Northumberland Dark Bee and also a Northumberland Buckfast Bee with varroa sensitive and hygienic traits. Sustainability is at the core of what we do. Breeding our own stock of bees that prove resilient, good to work with and adapt to the prevailing conditions.