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Folklore and Tradition

In ancient times mead was traditionally given to newly weds as an aphrodisiac. The belief was such that a marriage would be prosporous and bearing children that newly weds would be given a months supply of mead to drink, hence where the word ‘honeymoon’ originates from.

Our meads are crafted perfectly for the special occassion that mead deserves. Not only are all our meads award winning, but they are real crowd pleasers. Perfect for a special event.


Wildflower Sparkling – Bronze Mazer Cup, Gold European Cup

Rosé Sparkling – Silver Mazer Cup

Heather Sparkling – Gold Mazer Cup


Mead | Sparkling Mead

The Traditional Method

The traditional method is another name for the method used to create Champagne or Sparkling Wine, or in this case Sparkling Mead.

We are one of only a handful of producers in the world working with mead in the traditional method.

The traditional method takes in excess of 2 years, following a primary fermentation during which we age for a minimum of 1 year, following this we then go into a secondary fermentation. This process is synonymous with the production of fine sparkling wines and Champagne, yet rather than being made with grapes, Sparkling Mead is produced from honey. This enables sparkling mead to be very sustainable, and in fact has helped to increase our bee numbers year on year since it’s inception in 2015 with no waste products.

All production is undertaken at our meadery in Haltwhistle, Northumberland where you can also visit us to taste the range of Sparkling Meads.

Alternatively you can buy the range of meads we produce below.

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