The Journey

The Journey

How a passion for bees, Champagne, and honey led to the creation of Sparkling Mead.

Luke and Suzie, young bee farmers in Northumberland have been beekeeping for 20 years.

Meeting whilst Suzie was doing a PhD, Luke knew how to test a future wife's substance and their first date involved moving bees to the heather moors!

Northumberland Honey Co. established in 2015, look after in the region of 150 colonies of bees. Primarily producing honey, hence the name, Northumberland Honey.

From this hard won honey an idea was born, to make this honey into Northumberland's answer to Champagne!

Development of sparkling mead commenced.

'Without the bees we are nothing' Luke and Suzie always comment, and this reflects the ethos of Northumberland Honey Co, we will always breed and keep bees, with the overall aim of increasing the honey bee population in Northumberland. Whilst using surplus honey to create the finest quality sparkling mead.

Northumberland Honey Co always works to produce their own honey for use in the Sparkling Mead, similar to a single estate vinyard producing grapes, we produce all our own honey, a rareity these days.

Experienced bee breeders, Northumberland Honey Co is one of a only a few in the UK that undertake artifical insemination of bees to improve the honey bee, by increasing disease resistance, and selecting bees specifically adapted to the climate in Northumberland.

Sparkling Mead was launched in November 2016, since this time the 2016 Vintage Sparkling Mead has found it's way into some of the worlds finest restaurants, michelin star restaurants and hotels. We hope you will enjoy too, and you find our full range on our secure online shop:
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