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What is Raw Honey

What is Raw Honey | Natural Honey

What is Raw Honey

The simple definition of raw honey is unprocessed, thus honey in its raw state would be as the bees have left it in the honeycomb but raw honey for many, also means not heat treated. Honey can be cold extracted, this is where the honey is not heated above hive temperature of 34 degrees C and is simply spun out of the wax comb.

Heat treated honey is the use of heat to change the sugar structures in honey essentially causing caramelisation, which can also increase toxins including HMF. Heat treatment can prevent honey naturally crystalising, which is seen as an undesirable trait by large retailers.

Our honey is not heat treated, and is ‘raw’. This is the best way to have honey, allowing the honey to retain it’s natural properties.  


Why does honey crystalise?

Honey is made up of natural sugars including glucose and fructose. Honey with a high glucose level sets much quicker than a honey high in fructose.

At Northumberland honey we embrace the natural qualities of honey, our spring harvest often contains high glucose levels so rather than overheating the honey to achieve a runny honey we cream the honey to break down the sugar as it crystalises, thus producing a smooth fudgy in texture honey, softset.

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