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Added Pollen Honey | Honey For Hayfever | 340g Round Jar

(7 customer reviews)

Added pollen honey. A great floral tasting honey with the added benefit of having around 4% weight of the jar of fresh pollen.

Many people take this in a bid to help build up immunity to pollen in the air.

Best taken over the summer, autumn and winter months in small amounts to give a continual small exposure to the pollen which hopes to help with hayfever symptoms the following season as the body becomes accustomed to having an intake of fresh pollen.


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(7 customer reviews)


Added Pollen Honey | Honey For Hayfever

This honey is extremely popular due to it’s much higher pollen content than usual honey. Approximately 4% of the weight of the jar is fresh pollen which is gathered by our own bees during the summer months, a time when hay fever can strike.

This honey has a lovely soft spreadable texture.

The link between hay fever and pollen is well known.

The pollen content of this honey is the gathered by the bees in the months of April to June when hayfever symptoms are at their worst and the pollen in the air is at its highest.

This honey can be eaten just as any honey, spread on toast, used in drinks, the options are endless and entirely upto you.

How to Use Added Pollen Honey

Added pollen honey is best taken in small quantities over the winter months when pollen in the air is at it’s lowest, with the hope that the next season when there is a large amount of pollen in the air again, you will be more used to the pollen having taken it throughout the winter months.

With the added pollen honey in the jar you will notice more ‘bits’ these are the pollen granules and will be a multitude of colours, from dark to light, being representative of the wide variety of plants, and tree flowers that the bees have gathered the pollen from.

As we can only harvest so much pollen, and always leave the bees with plenty of their own honey and pollen stores, we can only produce a limited amount of this honey per year.

Store at room temperature

340g round jar

Honey and Our Beekeeping Ethos
  • Produced by sustainable bees kept by Northumberland Honey Co.
  • Pure and Natural.
  • Cold extracted and coarsley filtered importantly retaining all the benefits of pure honey.
  • Utmost traceability due to working to SALSA standards and 5 star environmental health rating.
  • Beekeeping apprenticeship, in purchasing this soft set honey, you are actively supporting the next generation of beekeepers.
  • Follow our beekeeping work on facebook.
Shipping and Packaging
  • Upto 3 jars – Royal Mail will deliver these
  • Over 3 jars will be sent by courier.
  • Free delivery and free local delivery delivery or click and collect available, terms and conditions apply.
  • All packaging is fully recyclable.

Discover More About Honey

If you want to find out more about the benefits of eating honey or have any other honey related questions, please visit the respective pages via the links.


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7 reviews for Added Pollen Honey | Honey For Hayfever | 340g Round Jar

  1. Anne Mcgregor (verified owner)

    I have been taking half a tea spoon of honey in coffee and another half on toast since the beginning of May, I have had no symptoms of hayfever for the first time in years, so happy it worked for me, it’s been so nice to enjoy the summer without a runny nose and itchy eyes.

  2. Caroline Harrison (verified owner)

    Excellent service and delicious tasting honey. Will definitely be ordering from you for my future honey supplies.

  3. Suzanne Ross

    Bought this in the shop after trying a sample, won’t be for everyone as it’s not as sweet a taste, but we loved it as something a bit different from the other honeys.

  4. Giles Jeffs

    I was first introduced to Luke & Suzie and Northumberland Honey, during a Zoom meeting with my local Beekeeping Association. Prior to the session, I thought I do a bit of research and bought a bottle of their Wildflower Sparkling Mead (which I will review separately). I was so impressed with Luke and Susie and their ethos supporting honey bees and the all important provenance of their products, I decided to buy a range of their honey and mead.

    The Wildflower + added Pollen Honey is caramel in colour, creamy in texture and I can see the pollen in it. I am looking forward to enjoying a spoonful of this on the run up to Hayfever season. Any excuse ! The floral notes I recall from enjoying the previous jars of the Summer Runny honey shine through with the added benefit of the pollen. I like mine on my porridge and on yogurt too.
    The Heather honey is dark in colour, thick in texture and has a wonderful floral aroma. The taste is complex thanks to the richly thick consistency, lovely and sweet with heady floral notes from the Heather. Luxurious and decadent. Perfect this time of year to help banish those wet windy woolly jumper days. I can feel warm sunshine warming my being as take another spoonful from the jar !

  5. lorna-4152 (verified owner)

    My son suffers from Hayfever so regularly enjoys Wildflower with Added Pollen to relieve the symptoms

  6. Valerie Paton (verified owner)

    I must admit I’m rather addicted to this honey. It’s totally different to honeys I’ve tried in the past. It tastes delicious, not too sweet, but a stronger flavour than other types of honey. I buy it because I love it, but if it helps my Hayfever then that’s a bonus.

  7. K Lamb (verified owner)

    As someone who was never into honey in the past, I ordered this to have a healthier sugar alternative when needed, with the hope that I would love the taste of this honey. This honey is absolutely amazing. It is really delicious and here’s to the added pollen helping me fight back against my hay fever symptoms this year. Thanks Northumberland Honey.

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