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Heather Honey | Large 340g Round Jar

Heather honey is the most powerful honey that can be produced in the UK. The most comparable honey to Manuka being of a similar thixotrophic nature. Heather Honey is produced by the bees of Northumberland Honey Co during their annual migration to the Heather moors in August and September. Here the predominant heather flower is Ling heather which produces the most superior quality Heather honey.

Large 340g Round Jar


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Heather Honey | Produced by Northumberland Honey Co

Heather honey is the most powerful honey that can be produced in the UK. Produced during August and September when the bees are migrated to the Northumberland Heather moors.

The Types of Heather

There are two different type of Heather flower, bell and ling. Ling is re-knowned for being the most superior in terms of honey quality.  The Northumberland heather moors are mostly populated with the Heather Ling flower, this gives rise to the exceptional quality of Northumberland Heather Honey.

Storing and Using Heather Honey

Heather honey is cold processed retaining the raw and natural properties of the honey. Heather honey naturally has a higher water content that all other honey, and this water content is what makes all honey liable to ferment. With heather the risk of fermentation is greater, it is just a fact of honey life!

Therefore we recommend to keep the honey cool, and in a dry place. Even at room temperature honey can ferment, so the best thing to do is use the honey when as fresh as possible. After all, when the honey is in the jar it is ready to eat, it doesn’t get better with age like a fine wine!

Heather Honey vs Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey and the marketing board responsible for this have done an exceptional job. There is however evidence that Heather honey may be as good as the highly prized Manuka Honey. Albeit there is less research into Heather Honey. It all comes down to anti-bacterial properties of which both Manuka and Heather Honey have in spades. The difficulty when purchasing Manuka honey is that there are so many different grades, what you do know when you buy Northumberland, Scottish or Welsh Heather Honey is that you are buying a sustainble and natural product. With the overriding factor to look out for being that the honey has not been heat treated, this cold extraction process retains all the benefits of the enzymes and anti-bacterial properties that you would be taking the honey for.


340g round jar

Honey and Our Beekeeping Ethos
  • Produced by sustainable bees kept by Northumberland Honey Co.
  • Pure and Natural.
  • Cold extracted and coarsley filtered importantly retaining all the benefits of pure honey.
  • Utmost traceability due to working to SALSA standards and 5 star environmental health rating.
  • Beekeeping apprenticeship, in purchasing this soft set honey, you are actively supporting the next generation of beekeepers.
  • Follow our beekeeping work on facebook.
Shipping and Packaging
  • Upto 3 jars – Royal Mail will deliver these
  • Over 3 jars will be sent by courier.
  • Free delivery and free local delivery delivery or click and collect available, terms and conditions apply.
  • All packaging is fully recyclable.

Discover More About Honey

If you want to find out more about the benefits of eating honey or have any other honey related questions, please visit the respective pages via the links.


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