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Heather Honey | Large 340g Round Jar

(13 customer reviews)

Heather honey is the most powerful honey that can be produced in the UK. The most comparable honey to Manuka being of a similar thixotrophic nature. Heather Honey is produced by the bees of Northumberland Honey Co during their annual migration to the Heather moors in August and September. Here the predominant heather flower is Ling heather which produces the most superior quality Heather honey.

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During the past 2022/23 season we reduced the price of Heather Honey as a result of a good production year, unfortunately the 2023 season being very wet has led to lower yields than average, and unfortunately the Heather Honey has had to return to it’s previous price of £12 per jar, and is excluded from the mutli-buy deals. As primary producers we do pass on cost savings wherever possible. We hope to be able to pass on any savings in 2024 if the weather and bee Gods are kind to us for yields.

However we are still providing free delivery which we hope helps.

Large 340g Round Jar


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(13 customer reviews)


Heather Honey | Produced by Northumberland Honey Co

Heather honey is the most powerful honey that can be produced in the UK. Produced during August and September when the bees are migrated to the Northumberland Heather moors.

The Types of Heather

There are two different type of Heather flower, bell and ling. Ling is re-knowned for being the most superior in terms of honey quality.  The Northumberland heather moors are mostly populated with the Heather Ling flower, this gives rise to the exceptional quality of Northumberland Heather Honey.

Storing and Using Heather Honey

Heather honey is cold processed retaining the raw and natural properties of the honey. Heather honey naturally has a higher water content that all other honey, and this water content is what makes all honey liable to ferment. With heather the risk of fermentation is greater, it is just a fact of honey life!

Therefore we recommend to keep the honey cool, and in a dry place. Even at room temperature honey can ferment, so the best thing to do is use the honey when as fresh as possible. After all, when the honey is in the jar it is ready to eat, it doesn’t get better with age like a fine wine!

Heather Honey vs Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey and the marketing board responsible for this have done an exceptional job. There is however evidence that Heather honey may be as good as the highly prized Manuka Honey. Albeit there is less research into Heather Honey. It all comes down to anti-bacterial properties of which both Manuka and Heather Honey have in spades. The difficulty when purchasing Manuka honey is that there are so many different grades, what you do know when you buy Northumberland, Scottish or Welsh Heather Honey is that you are buying a sustainble and natural product. With the overriding factor to look out for being that the honey has not been heat treated, this cold extraction process retains all the benefits of the enzymes and anti-bacterial properties that you would be taking the honey for.


340g round jar

Honey and Our Beekeeping Ethos
  • Produced by sustainable bees kept by Northumberland Honey Co.
  • Pure and Natural.
  • Cold extracted and coarsley filtered importantly retaining all the benefits of pure honey.
  • Utmost traceability due to working to SALSA standards and 5 star environmental health rating.
  • Beekeeping apprenticeship, in purchasing this soft set honey, you are actively supporting the next generation of beekeepers.
  • Follow our beekeeping work on facebook.
Shipping and Packaging
  • Upto 3 jars – Royal Mail will deliver these
  • Over 3 jars will be sent by courier.
  • Free delivery and free local delivery delivery or click and collect available, terms and conditions apply.
  • All packaging is fully recyclable.

Discover More About Honey

If you want to find out more about the benefits of eating honey or have any other honey related questions, please visit the respective pages via the links.


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13 reviews for Heather Honey | Large 340g Round Jar

  1. Sheena Mcewen (verified owner)

    This is the best tasting heather honey I have eaten. Would now not buy any other.

  2. Tracey McDowell (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful honey. I have bought this a few times now and the service is always excellent. Would not buy honey from anywhere else.

  3. A M Falconer (verified owner)

    Best in my book! I first bought a jar of this heather honey while on holiday in Northumberland two years ago, and was so pleased to discover recently that I can buy more through the Northumberland Honey Co website. Delivery has been very prompt and quality as ever is excellent; this small local business merits our support.

  4. kikipenny13 (verified owner)

    No longer buy any other brand of honey. Doesn’t cause heartburn like some varieties and delicious on toast & in tea in place of sugar. Thoroughly recommend.

  5. Léon Perdoni (verified owner)

    I sent this as a gift to an afficionados of Heather honey Who Is exceptionally fussy…and she was overjoyed at the flavour and texture which she says is something she has not found in any other honey for years. Her enthusiasm is not lightly given. She is elderly and says this has brought back so many delicious memories.Pwrsonally I love it too which is why it formed part of Christmas gifts this year. The exceptional savings made it a very economic gift as well and free postage is a boon …

  6. Nicole Adshead (verified owner)

    A beautiful thick delicious honey fabulous on toast, would make a great gift, will be buying more

  7. carolemoffatt55 (verified owner)

    After searching online for genuine honey makers, I happily came across this website, every little detail on here is exciting and educational to read. But of course what put the icing on the cake, so to speak, was that the company are in my area and so I want to support them. Delivery was the next day which stunned me. But of course the real winner here is the honey. I bought 3, Runny summer wildflower, Heather and Cumbrian. Don’t ask me which is the nicest because I could not compare them, they are all delicious. My treat is an extra spoonful of each every day. Definitely a return customer, thank you to all the team 🙂

  8. Lucy Whittle (verified owner)

    We first tried this honey whilst on holiday in Haltwhistle and after reading up on the potential great health properties of heather honey we now have it all through the winter just to keep the sniffles away! It seems to work. It has a lovely gel like texture that melts down your throat, very soothing.

  9. Martin Robbins (verified owner)

    The ONLY Honey that comes from Northumberland, it’s taste is unique like the area it comes from, will order again soon.

  10. Justine Brian (verified owner)

    This is just delicious. All the toffee notes I was after.

  11. Giles Jeffs

    I was first introduced to Luke & Suzie and Northumberland Honey, during a Zoom meeting with my local Beekeeping Association. Prior to the session, I thought I do a bit of research and bought a bottle of their Wildflower Sparkling Mead (which I will review separately). I was so impressed with Luke and Susie and their ethos supporting honey bees and the all important provenance of their products, I decided to buy a range of their honey and mead.
    The Heather honey is dark in colour, thick in texture and has a wonderful floral aroma. The taste is complex thanks to the richly thick consistency, lovely and sweet with heady floral notes from the Heather. Luxurious and decadent. Perfect this time of year to help banish those wet windy woolly jumper days. I can feel warm sunshine warming my being as take another spoonful from the jar !

  12. Bella S. (verified owner)

    This lovely Heather honey is my favourite, but to be honest, I love all of them. Do yourself a favour and try any of them, you won’t be disappointed.

  13. Carole Coulthard (verified owner)

    I was looking for local bee keepers to find some genuine honey and so pleased I found Northumberland Honey, the Heather Honey is beautiful and I can’t wait to try the others. I won’t buy my honey from anywhere else now. The service was also amazing and after reading all about Luke and Suzie I think they do amazing work. Thank you.

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