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Cumbrian Honey | Soft Set Cumbrian Wildflower Honey

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(7 customer reviews)


Cumbrian Honey | Soft Set Cumbrian Wildflower Honey


Cumbria Honey. Produced in the heart of Hadrians Wall Country in the Irthing Valley. The Cumbrian honey is produced by the bees of Northumberland Honey Company in the Irthing Valley near Brampton.

The Irthing Valley is nestled alongside some of the most historic stretches of Hadrians Wall, if looking for quality raw local honey in Cumbria this lovely honey is for you.

As many will know we raise all our queens and bees in Cumbria in the isolated Irthing Valley in the heart of Hadrians Wall country and as a result of keeping bees there, we produce a surplus of honey from these colonies.

The colonies are located very local to the historic Hadrians Wall, heart of Roman Wall Country, with well established trees, grassland and moorland that the bees forage on, ranging from dandelions in the spring, to lime trees in summer, hawthorn hedges and clover pasture in summer. This is a truely polyfloral honey produced in the heart of Roman Wall Country.


Local Honey for Hayfever?

The pollen retained within honey is what benefits hayfever sufferers, but should really be taken throughout the off season for hayfever – ideally over winter. So its a good idea to stock up (honey doesn’t go off) and have small quantities of honey throughout the year. For a real hayfever busting honey try out the ‘added pollen wildflower honey’

In terms of honey being classed as local it is really ideal within 40 miles of where you live, but there is little evidence to show that being further away from the source of honey, so long as it is natural honey makes any difference. We have customers from over 100 miles away that take this honey for hayfever and swear by it!

Pollen Analysis

All our honey is tested for pollen content and this demonstrates the truely polyfloral nature of our honey.
Usually Wildflower honey contains around 30-40 different pollen varieties that the bees gather to make this remarkable polyfloral honey and perfect for building up resistance to local pollen making the honey particularly useful for hayfever sufferers. Please see the second image showing most abundant nectar sources in current stock of Wildflower honey.


Honey Consistency / Texture

Please note this honey is soft set, technically called ‘creamed’ as it is stirred for 24 hours prior to bottling, this ensures the honey maintains a nice spreadable consistency, perfect for warm toast, hot drinks, baking, cooking or just eating straight out of the jar!

A lot of people often ask for clear or runny honey, but take note, often the clear or runny honey is heated treated to ensure it stays runny, which takes away the bulk of the benefits of the honey being natural and raw. Creamed honey is a perfect way to enjoy this pure honey in a format that suits all uses.


Honey and Our Beekeeping Ethos
  • Produced by sustainable bees kept by Northumberland Honey Co.
  • Pure and Natural.
  • Cold extracted and coarsley filtered importantly retaining all the benefits of pure honey.
  • Utmost traceability due to working to SALSA standards and 5 star environmental health rating.
  • Beekeeping apprenticeship, in purchasing this soft set honey, you are actively supporting the next generation of beekeepers.
  • Follow our beekeeping work on facebook.
Shipping and Packaging
  • Upto 3 jars – Royal Mail will deliver these
  • Over 3 jars will be sent by courier.
  • Free delivery and free local delivery delivery or click and collect available, terms and conditions apply.
  • All packaging is fully recyclable.

Discover More About Honey

If you want to find out more about the benefits of eating honey or have any other honey related questions, please visit the respective pages via the links.




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7 reviews for Cumbrian Honey | Soft Set Cumbrian Wildflower Honey

  1. Louise Durber (verified owner)

    You can literally taste the countryside when you eat this honey! excellent quality and would buy again.

  2. Paul Mcguinness (verified owner)

    We are so lucky to have Northumberland Honey coming to our Farmers Market with this gorgeous Honey – before meeting you guys it was very difficult sourcing non-Chinese mixed EU honey in supermarkets – now we are Happy Bears Xx

  3. Ann Foster (verified owner)

    Found this company whilst trying to find Cumbrian honey. Just love this honey

  4. carolemoffatt55 (verified owner)

    After searching online for genuine honey makers, I happily came across this website, every little detail on here is exciting and educational to read. But of course what put the icing on the cake, so to speak, was that the company are in my area and so I want to support them. Delivery was the next day which stunned me. But of course the real winner here is the honey. I bought 3, Runny summer wildflower, Heather and Cumbrian. Don’t ask me which is the nicest because I could not compare them, they are all delicious. My treat is an extra spoonful of each every day. Definitely a return customer, thank you to all the team 🙂

  5. Karen Goring

    Thick and luscious with the most remarkable flavour, this is perhaps the best of Luke and Susies honey for spreading, melting into porridge or making ice cream. Really good value for money.

  6. Lucy Whittle (verified owner)

    This honey goes great in porridge or on crumpets. It has a lovely light flavour but tastes like proper honey should, you can taste the outdoors! Great to find a honey producer that has so much passion for their wonderful product and does it in sustainable way, thankyou everyone at Northumberland Honey!

  7. David Wilkinson (verified owner)

    Delicious honey.
    Highly recommended

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