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Virgin Queen Bee | Virgin Queen Bees For Sale

Virgin Queen Bees

Either Dark bee or Buckfast available. Sent immediately after hatching to ensure they reach you at an optimal age for introducing to your own mating nucs.

To Order, select your delivery week, and delivery day. We are currently hatching virgins very frequently so can send most days.

We currently have limited availability for dark virgin queens.

Availability / stock is live.





Virgin Queen Bee | Virgin Queen Bees for Sale

Virgin queen bees are offered for sale when from the time of hatching to no more than 48 hours old.

This is a perfect age to introduce into your own mating nucs or colonies. Virgin queens are readily accepted into queenless colonies, but of course there is a risk involved in getting them successfully mated. However they can be an economical option for increase if you are looking to increase your own stock and introduce new genetics.



Virgin queens will be available from end of May through to September. Earlier weeks become booked very quickly so we advise if you are looking for a Virgin Queen for Sale plan ahead and pre-order in good time.

Queen are caged from emergence in the incubator and come with some attendent workers.


Postage and Collection

  • Postage – Queens are only sent by Royal Mail Special Delivery as this is a guaranteed and insured service. It is too risky to send queens in the normal post by first class.
  • Collection -if wanting to collect, please select this option, but liase with us via e-mail or phone for a suitable collection time. We can usually supply queens for collection at quite short notice. But nonetheless arrangements need to be made to ensure your queens are available for collection at a given time as we are a working bee farm we need to ensure plans can be made for collection that fit into our beekeeping schedules.

Marking Virgin Queens

  • Marking – Queens will be marked white in keeping with the year colour code. If you prefer your virgin queens to be unmarked please select this in the options list. We do usually routinely mark all our vigin queens prior to introducing to mating nucs and find this doesn’t impact on mating success. But we

How to Introduce a New Queen Bee

QUEEN INTRODUCTION Guidelines see our Queen Introduction Guidelines Page



Terms and Conditions

  • Queens found dead on arrival –  a photo should be taken and sent via e-mail to [email protected] on the day of arrival. The queen must then be returned to us in the original cage and packaging with the contents intact for examination. Please note virgin queens have a higher rate of attrition compared with mated queens and need to be introduced into your colony as soon as possible when you have received them.
  • In the case of a queen being found to be dead on arrival and if we offer to replace the queen, the return postage cost must be borne by the customer, but the replacement queen will be provided free of charge . Queens will only be replaced once.

For full terms and conditions for bee purchases please see here


Additional information

Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 10 × 1 × 1 cm
Delivery or Collection Week

NEXT DAY DELIVERY (order by 10am)


Buckfast, Dark Bee


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