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Leather Conditioner | Beeswax and Lanolin | Leather Balm

Leather Conditioner

Made from our own pure Beeswax and Lanolin,


  • Leather jackets
  • Leather sofas
  • Leather boots
  • Saddles
  • All Leather goods

Beeswax and lanolin together provide a waterproof protective layer that nourishes deep into the leather whilst acting to clean and conditon the leather.

Presented in a handy longlasting 90g sized tin.

For directions for use and ingredients see full description.




Leather Conditioner | Beeswax and Lanolin

Leather cleaner conditioner from pure Beeswax and Lanolin, perfect for use on all leather goods, including leather jackets, leather sofas, leather boots, and saddles. Protects and waterproofs.

A high quality, neutral leather conditioner that can be used on all leather goods.

Directions for use

  1. Ensure leather is dry and thoroughly clean before application.
  2. Apply sparingly with a dry soft cloth and allow the balm to absorb into the leather.
  3. After 20 minutes buff off any excess.
  4. Store tin in a cool place.
  5. Best applied in warm ambient temperatures, improving absorption into the leather.


  • Before use we recommend testing on a small concealed area first – although neutral, leather conditioners may darken some leather.
  • Do not use on suede, nubuck or aniline leather, best used on stiffened or harder leather.
  • Allergy advice : Contains Lanolin.


Beeswax, Lanolin, Cocos Nucifera Oil Olea Eurioaea oi and vanilla essential oil


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