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Honey Beer

Honey Beer – Mighty Buzz

Honey Beer known as Mighty Buzz, is carefully crafted using heather honey produced by the bees of Northumberland.

Brewed a stones throw away from us at Muckle Brewing, Mighty Buzz uses our rich Heather Honey produced from the wild Northumberland Heather Moors in August. Using Goldings hops whose natural earthy honey notes are complemented by the addition of rich heather honey. The result is a light golden honey beer with notes of sweet honey.

Alongside their other range the experts at Muckle Brewing have certainly crafted a show stopper here.

You can buy online, either single or multiple bottles, with free delivery on orders over £85.

How to Enjoy

  • Serve chilled (11-13 degrees is ideal)
  • Pour carefully once opened as the honey beer is bottle conditioned.
  • Unfiltered & naturally carbonated to ensure the full flavours remain
  • For a crystal-clear  beer, pour as one from a height reserving the small amount of natural sediment in the shoulder of the bottle.

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