All UK Orders FREE DELIVERY Ends Sunday

With regret, the cold start to the season and then importantly the wet weather the last couple of weeks has had a knock on effect for new matings of queens and subsequently the establishment of the summer nucleus colonies.

We will only put out bees that are in good condition and queens we have been able to fully assess laying on. We have to wait a minimum of around 2 weeks after mating to be able to assess brood patterns and with the delay in early matings and variability in these queens currently we wouldn’t be able to assess before the early June collections. Hence the need to delay. Unfortunately we are at the mercy of the weather and season, and in 9 years of doing this this is the first season we have had to delay.

In a bid to make things easier, we have put out a range of dates and times which we hope will mean you can find one that will work. In the event that you would now like to cancel the order, this can be done by selecting the refund option, we will then process the refund.

Step 1

Complete the below form and submit. Ensure your details are correct.

Step 2

You’ll receive an e-mail with details submitted for your records. The date selected will be the date/ time we will have your bees ready for collection.

Step 3

Come and collect your bees on the date selected.

Use this form to submit your preferred change of date for collection of your bees

Summer Nuc and Package Bee Collection Change Form