All UK Orders FREE DELIVERY Ends Sunday

We are currently having to delay Queens due W/C 3rd and W/C 10th June

Please use the form below to submit a new delivery date

Unfortunately the weather this season seems to be increasingly testing. As a result of the past 4 weeks of worse than average weather, we are finding delays to queen matings and queens simply not mating yet. This is putting pressure on the queen delivery side of things as batches of queens that should be ready now are simply not.

We need to establish queens having sealed worker brood before sending to guarantee their quality, and without queens laying that should be we are unable to do this.

This is the first time in 9 years of producing queens commercially that we have had to delay. We really hope that you can understand that we are at the mercy of the weather, and we are trying to make this process as seamless for everyone as possible. 

Therefore we ask, if we have e-mailed you with a delay, could you complete the form below and input your desired delivery date. Which we will work to. We apologise in advance if we don’t get back to each and everyone of you personally, we have around 700 mating nucs we are currently managing as well as 250 honey colonies and are having to significantly prioritise workload in an unconventional season. Hence trying to automate this rescheduling process as much as possible.

The earliest new delivery dates will be approximately 2 weeks from now, which we believe will give time for the queens to start laying and be fully assessed before shipping.

The stages of the delay and form submission are highlighted for ease below:


Step 1

Complete the below form and submit, selecting your new delivery date. Ensure your details are correct.

Step 2

You’ll receive an e-mail with details submitted for your records. The date selected will be the date we will aim to delivery your queen(s).

Step 3

When we are preparing to send your queens, you will receive an e-mail with your tracking number the day before delivery, so please keep an eye out for this e-mail the day before you expect to receive your queens.

Queen Bees Delay Form