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Your chance to win 2 x bottles of Sparkling Mead or a case of Honey Beer, or one of Luke’s Instrumentally Inseminated Queens, the choice is yours.”

Following Stewarts Spinks Norfolk Honey Company podcast with us here is the competition entry form and a reminder of the question you need to find the answer to.

The Question

On the Northumberland Honey Company website how does Luke refer to the distance that Hadrians Wall is from the Meadery. 

To Enter

Fill in the form below with your answer, ensure your contact details are correct. We will not store these details after the competition is drawn.

Key Dates

The closing date is Friday 12th April 2024 at 10pm. Following this we will select at random a correct entry, and e-mail the winning entrant by Monday 15th April 2024. If we do not hear back within 5 days from the first random selected entry we will select a second. Please note we can only ship entries within the UK.

Competition Entry Form