Luke and Suzie are knowledgable bee breeders, striving to improve the honey bee in Northumberland. Undertaking advanced queen breeding techniques with the use of instrumental insemination


They are experienced Beekeepers, members of the Bee Farmers Association, lecture to beekeeping associations and organise Beekeeping Training Courses.


Queen Bees are available for sale throughout the season. From openly mated queens to instrumentally inseminated queens.

Personalised Beekeeping Courses

We offer taster sessions for budding beekeepers, and can provide a full day course for those wishing for practical hands on experience, be it beginners through to advanced beekeepers.


We also cater for corporate customers wishing to train a group of beekeepers, or for experience sessions for team building.


Taster Session

For those who are undecided whether to take up beekeeping.


1 hour hands on with the bees.


Perfect as a gift, for any budding beekeeper

Personalised Beekeeping Sessions

We cater for individuals or groups and can take upto 8 people ranging from experience sessions through to a full day introduction to beekeeping course.


For this type of session we can also add mead and honey tastings and a visit to The Meadery.


Contact us to discuss your requirments and for a quote.

Queen Bees by Northumberland Honey Co


Open naturally mated queens and Instrumentally Inseminated Queens available for the 2018 season



Open naturally mated queens

We breed our own queens selecting from the best stock.


We select for disease resistance, hardiness, temperament and honey production. 


Beekeeping should be a pleasure and we work with our queens to ensure it is.


If interested in purchasing a queen, the easiest way is to send us a message and we will advise on latest availability and pricing.




Instrumental Inseminated Queens

We offer a limited number of instrumentally inseminated queens for sale.


We have found them to be equally as productive as naturally mated queens, and when cared for appropriately live for as long.


These queens also come with a guarantee for 1 year against becoming drone layers as we can guarantee they have been inseminated with 8-10 microlitres of semen.


These queens are produced to order, if interested please send us a message to discuss your requirements



















The benefits of managed honeybee pollination has been shown in Oilseed Rape, Field Beans, Borage, and many Soft Fruit crops such as strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.


With Oilseed Rape it has been shown to increase yields by 15-20%, increase oil content of the seed, and reduce flowering period, which may help in the reduction of crop pests.


Field Beans have also shown an increase yield of upto 1380kg/ha with more pods setting on lower trusses.



Northumberland Honey Co provides colonies of honeybees for crop pollination, these hives are of a minimum standard/ number of bees, to ensure maximum benefit per hive.


We bring the hives to the crop at the start of flowering and removing them again at the end of flowering at a pre-agreed time. We can advise on positioning of the hives to maximise pollination and also with least impact on the farm.


For further information or to discuss how managed pollination could benefit your farm contact luke or suzie on 07752 534953 or email or alternatively contact us here


For further information on managed and professional pollination see:

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