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Mead Gift | Rosé Sparkling & Honey Chocolate Truffles

Rose Sparkling Mead Gift with box of 9 Honey Chocolate Truffles.

A really unique mead gift, given that Rosé Sparkling Mead is the first traditional method sparkling mead of it’s kind. Created in the same way as Champagne but with the use of honey instead of grapes. The Rosé colouration comes from the use of Hibiscus flowers, creating a lovely botanical flavour to this mead.

Rosé sparkling is a smooth delicate sparkling mead. With a production time of around 3 years. This vintage being the 2017.

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Mead Gift | Rosé Sparkling & Honey Chocolate Truffles

A great introduction to the Rosé Sparkling Mead, with a perfect pairing of honey chocolate truffles.

Rosé sparkling is a smooth delicate sparkling mead. Produced in the traditional method (secondary fermentation in the bottle). Brut in dryness with perfectly balanced acidity with hibiscus flowers giving the beautiful natural rosé colouration a botanical flavour and a smooth honey finish on the palate.

Honey: 2017 Summer Honey – mainly lime/linden tree honey from our bees in the Tyne Valley Northumberland.

Dryness: Brut with 5g/l residual sugars

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What the experts say

Oz Clarke- ‘Wow – the wildflower and the heather mead are simply wonderful. The essence of Northumberland honey and bubbles. Magic.’


ABV 12% 75cl Contains Sulphites

Serve: Chilled


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