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Mead Gift | 37.5cl Wildflower Sparkling & Honey Chocolate Truffles

Looking for a mead or honey lovers gift? ‘Half-sized’ Wildflower Sparkling Mead paired with honey chocolates at £25 often fits the budget without having to invest in a full sized bottle.

The driest Sparkling Mead in the range, produced from the spring Wildflower honey. Also available in 75cl sized bottle with honey chocolates

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Mead Gift | 37.5cl Wildflower Sparkling & Honey Chocolate Truffles

A great introduction to the range of Sparkling Mead. Coupled with a box of 9 honey chocolate truffles, this is a really nice mead gift at a good price.

Tasting Notes

Light in colour, with delicate floral and honey aromas, with a dry start and smooth savoury finish, will keep you coming back to the glass. A real hit with beekeepers with the rich aroma of beeswax, propolis and fresh pollen, reminiscent of opening up a beehive in spring. Pair this bottle with a box of honey chocolate truffles and you’re in for a great night in. The only thing you’ll be wishing for is that you didn’t have a second bottle!

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What the experts say

Oz Clarke- ‘Wow – the wildflower and the heather mead are simply wonderful. The essence of Northumberland honey and bubbles. Magic.’


ABV 12% 75cl Contains Sulphites

Serve: Chilled


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