Luke and Suzie, Beekeepers & Mead Makers (Mazers).


Luke and Suzie, young bee farmers in Northumberland have kept bees for 20 years. They met at university where their first date involved moving bees to the heather moors!


Northumberland Honey Co. established in 2015, started off producing bees and honey. Though development of Sparkling and Floral mead had been in process for the previous 6 years. 

Experienced and keen bee breeders, great pride is taken in the work we do to improve the honey bee in Northumberland, we are ever conscious that the bees and their wellbeing underpin every aspect of our business.


Working from a sound base of producing good quality bees, and consistent honey production we looked to create special and unique products from this hard won honey. Thereby doing the bees and the honey justice. From here we developed the Sparkling Meads.  


We started our education in the mead and wine industry through summers spent in Champagne, France and more recently in California, USA.  


Sparkling Mead was launched in November 2016 and we hope you will enjoy this unique and special mead.


You can order our mead, honey, bees and beekeeping courses online, or visit us for a tasting flight of mead at our Meadery in Haltwhistle, Northumberland.

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Please contact us with any enquiries or if you’d like to arrange a visit to our meadery / tasting room. Unit 7A / 7E Haltwhistle Industrial Estate Haltwhistle Northumberland NE49 9HA Tel: 07752534953 Meadery: 01434 322 981 Email us at lukeandsuzie@northumberlandhoney.co.uk Copyright © 2016 Northumberland Honey Co