Luke & Suzie are passionate beekeepers.
With this the ethos of Northumberland Honey Co is focused on breeding sustainable, disease resistant bees.

Currently Luke & Suzie manage around 150 colonies of honey bees, producing all the honey required for the production of the Sparkling Mead, whilst also supplying local shops and outlets with our own Northumberland produced honey.

Not forgetting the importance of beekeepers in general, Northumberland Honey Co also provides surplus bees and queens to assist local beekeepers in keeping healthy productive colonies of bees, with good temperaments. Ensuring that beekeepers can buy queens and bees locally in Northumberland.

Honeybee Swarms

Swarming is a natural way of reproducing for honeybees

Occassionally however bees choose interesting and perhaps not ideal locations to swarm to!

These locations can be no good for the bees, endanger public, and often cause alarm.

Northumberland Honey Co are fully insured to undertake Honeybee swarm removal. Bees removed are placed into new beehives, and looked after as part of our number of growing colonies. This avoids destruction of the bees, and promotes the preservation of the honeybee.

If you are concerned about a honeybee swarm, would like free advice, or for us to come and remove a swarm often free of charge if within a reasonable distance to us, please call 07752534953 and we will respond as soon as possible if not immediately.

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